We often feel as though we’ve lost the ability to live a truly joyful life. It seems as though everything in our lives seems to be permanent and concrete that the idea of living differently, living with genuine heartfelt passion and enthusiasm seems totally unattainable. Except it isn’t.

Success can mean different things to everyone. Success in life is whatever you define it to be. Maybe for you, you want to determine how to be successful to achieve financial freedom or a flexible work schedule. If you have an ambition, dream, or purpose that you want to achieve, all you need is the right mindset and a strong set of goals. Stay focused and motivated throughout the process.

But if you prefer to live a life on your terms, to live a life of success and personal excellence here’s 4 keys to help you do just that.

1. Determination

It is important to have determination to be successful. It takes hard work and dedication to living a successful life. Determination is both a firmness of purpose and a willingness to work unceasingly towards that purpose in spite of any obstacles, difficulties or failures along the way.

2. Discipline

There will be days that you are not in the mood or feel like doing what the day is expecting of you. You won’t always be in the mood. But you cannot let that stop you. Do not wait for inspiration to strike you if you do, you’ll waste your life staring up at the sky. Do something you like, have a passion for, set your sites on it, create a, to do list for yourself and stick to it no matter whether you feel like it or not.

Remember, today’s struggle is tomorrow’s strength.

3. Mental Toughness

This refer to being resilient to carry on and try again when facing obstacles. People who possess this mental strength see challenges as opportunities. It’s a feeling of being in control of one’s own destiny, being confident in your abilities to succeed and are committed to finishing what they start.

4. Focus on Intrinsic Motivations

Find out what it is that motivates you? Does external rewards keeps you reaching for your goals, or is it the more personal, can it be that intrinsic motivators is keeping you inspired? While extrinsic rewards such as money, awards, and praise can be helpful. People are more motivated when they are doing things for personal satisfaction.

Intrinsic motivations refers to doing things that you like, that you find meaningful or enjoy seeing the effects of what you have done. Therefore, do things that you like, have a passion for and that brings meaning to your life. 

There is no single measure of success, and certainly no single answer for how to be successful in life. Yet by looking at some of the habits of successful people, you can learn new tactics and strategies to implement in your own daily life.

Remember you are worth it.