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Charlize Stander

Social Worker & Counsellor

Meet Charlize Stander a social worker/counsellor that has a passion for working with diverse individuals, groups, families, and communities.


She graduated in 2014 with a BSW Honours degree in Social Work from the University of Pretoria. In addition, she received a Masters in Social Work Play Based Intervention in 2021. She entered the field of social work and immediately started to explore her passion for working with people and being a change agent for individuals and communities to realize their potential themselves to improve their quality of life with her guidance and support.


She has contributed to the field of Social Work by being a guest speaker at international conferences and representing South Africa in 2009 in New York for IASWG Symposium: "Group Work in Communities. Breaking Down Barriers, Building Global Connections".


She stated that she has dedicated the last 7 years to educating and empowering herself with knowledge and experience to become a better asset in the social worker community. As a social worker, she has developed a unique perspective to counselling, while providing a safe space for individuals, helping facilitate the breakdown of internal barriers through a trusting and therapeutic relationship with myself.


She has a special interest in the following:

Mental health

Trauma counselling

Substance use





Dealing with change


Lifestyle changes

Disease management

Depression counselling and support


“I look forward to meeting you and to walk this journey of Transformation with you.” – Charlize Stander

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