Building self-confidence requires reflecting on your current self-perception and developing habits that promote a positive self-image. Here are a few ways you can build this trait:

1. Focus on yourself

List all your positive qualities and skills. By Recognizing your individuality can help you see the advantages of your particular experiences and perspectives. It is important to identify the goals you want to achieve. By also identifying goal that you have achieved one can build self-confidence.

2. Construct a positive self-image

Developing a positive view of yourself can begin with limiting comparison to others, but this process also requires further self-reflection and actively adjusting your mindset. Start constructing a positive self-image by imagining yourself as the person you want to be. Visualize yourself in the position you are interviewing for, with the skills you want and the network you are building.

3. Do something challenging every day

Directly confronting your fears can help you build confidence to face the unknown. Be self-reflective about the things that discourage you, and try to confront one of those things every day. The confidence you can build by confronting them can transfer to your everyday life.

4. Prioritize self-care

Since both your mental and physical health can affect your confidence, you should prioritize caring for yourself. Make a habit of exercising, eating a healthy and balanced diet and getting plenty of sleep. Take time to do something you enjoy every day, like taking up an old hobby or starting a new one. Your social health is also of importance so take some time and spend it with friends and family.

Always believe in yourself and the power you have. You are worth it.